Next Wave Punk: Meet The Women Reinventing Aussie DIY

Next Wave Punk: Meet The Women Reinventing Aussie DIY

The past twelve months have seen a reinvention of Australian punk and DIY music, led from the front by incredible young women.

Unearthed's Australian Music Producer Claire Mooney takes you inside the next wave of that movement, introducing you to a whole heap of amazing, female-identifying Australian talent along the way.

You'll meet reincarnate Riot Grrls like Jungle Cuffs and Moaning Lisa, and also hear from two acts at the forefront of new Australian punk and DIY -- Rackett and Bitch Diesel -- about their firsthand experiences carving out a new niche, and doing it their way.

It's Girls To The Front, on triple j Unearthed!

Track Listing

BOAT SHOW –  Restless
BAD BATCH  – How’d You Like Me Now?
Neighbours  – mother
Jungle Cuffs – There’s Eshays in my house
SOOK –  I’m Not Your Woman
Moaning Lisa –  Carrie (I Want A Girl)
The Second Sex – Shove It
Bitch Diesel – Manager
VOIID – Silly Girl
The Buoys – Frequently
FACE FACE – Everyday
Lionizer – The Unartist