Ok Sure wins Hermitude #HRMX competition!

Ok Sure wins Hermitude #HRMX competition!

You uploaded more than 700 remixes of Hermitude's 'Ukiyo' to triplejunearthed.com over the past couple of weeks. The level of creativity on display has been more than impressive - we've heard 'Ukiyo' flipped inside out, rapped over, sang on, and, in one particular instance, turned into a truly bizarre and wonderful guitar and drum space odyssey.

From 700, we whittled down to five finalists, and of those five, Hermitude were given the daunting task of picking the one winner. 

"We were scared for our jobs," they told Matt and Alex on triple j Breakfast this morning, "there was such a broad range of remixes ...but we found a really exciting winner. The winner we picked had the most unique sound."

A huge congrats to our winner, Melbourne's OK Sure! Hear her remix below.


"One of the main reasons Ok Sure nabbed the top spot for us is because she brought her own unique sound to Ukiyo," Hermitude saisd. "It’s really important for any up and coming artist to have their own flavour and OK Sure has it in spades. From the dense and heavy vibe, crazy percussive elements and great re-harmonising to the nicely flowing arrangement, Ok Sure pulls you in right from the get go and doesn’t let you go until the last note. Congrats!'


"I'm feeling a little nervous!" OK Sure told us over the phone. "I've been on this downtempo, melodic, trip - this track was gonna be an original but I changed it up at the last minute. I'm so glad I did!"


Check out all the finalists below!

Aela Kae (NSW)
Aela is a 19 yo producer from Sydney. She’s constructed a thoughtful, dreamy mix which Dom Alessio has likened to ‘diving into clouds’.


Broadwing (NT)
Broadwing lives in Katherine! As well as an incredible remix, this song is actually about living in a Ukiyo (floating world) , which was the ‘pleasure seeking’ culture of the Edo period of Japan (think geishas in bath houses).


OK Sure (VIC)
OK Sure is from Melbourne and, in her own words, writes ‘dark synth space jams’. This remix is no exception.


Samuel Dobson (NSW)
Samuel Dobson (AKA Shazza T) on the raps, production by PMajor, and singing by Kate Wadey. Sam wrote this  last week for his grandfather (and bridge partner) Ron who recently passed away.


Zathlute (QLD)

Zathlute is a young producer from the Gold Coast who writes bangerz. Spot the table tennis sample!  


Thanks to everyone who entered!