Our Fave Band Shirts from Unearthed

Our Fave Band Shirts from Unearthed

PSA: #AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY is exactly one month away! It happens every year during Aus Music Month and it's pretty much Australian Music Christmas. 

We all throw on our fav local band tees and walk by each other giving a cheeky smile and a nod of appreciation, maybe even a high five if you're feeling bold? We're here to ensure you create these precious memories by reminding you to get your outfit right and ready.

Preperation is key so be mindful of your outfit cycle. You don't want to wake up the Friday morning of and realise you've got last night's spaghetti spilt down the front of your shirt. God forbid you still don't have an Aussie band shirt to wear. Thinking you can order a shirt a few days before #AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY and it'll arrive in time? That's a paddlin'. These modern day tragedies are all easily avoidable if you start planning now. 

To help you out we've hit the merch stalls and picked what picked you out some key garments to help you support Australian music. These items are all timeless, unisex pieces of wearable art, guaranteed to have you feeling like a winner this #AUSMUSICTSHIRTDAY.

Have a browse and try some of these rippers on for size! 


Go Get Mum


Dear Seattle

Cast Down




Pist Idiots


Ruby Fields



Psychedelic Porn Crumpets


Good Doogs 



Carla Geneve


IV League


Cry Club


Raave Tapes



Ziggy Ramo 


Triple One