Past Classes: Where Are These Unearthed High Finalists Now?

Past Classes: Where Are These Unearthed High Finalists Now?

Consider this the first bell before little lunch: Unearthed High is opening up for 2018 real soon.

In the next couple of weeks, will be inundated with uploads from the next generation of incredible Australian musicians – not yet old enough to get into venues, but more than old enough to blow our tiny baby minds with their creativity, skill and willingness to innovate.

Before we get there, tho, it’s time for a visit from the ghosts of classes past. What’s happened to your favourite Unearthed High finalists from the past 11 years? We’ve got lots to get to. Below, some big names you maybe didn’t realise came thru Unearthed High, and updates on plenty of your former faves. Swap ya an apricot log for your LCM?


Arno Faraji (Unearthed High 2017)

Let’s start here: it’s been less than a year since Arno Faraji became the crown prince of Unearthed High, and since then we’ve seen him pop up on tour with Mallrat, and play a big-time set at the Big Pineapple Music Festival. So far, we haven’t heard any new music from the WA rap mogul, but we’ve got it on pretty good authority that that’s about to change. Stay tuned.


Snakadaktal (Unearthed High 2011)

Sad news: Snakadaktal broke up in 2014, after releasing one excellent album and two EPs. The album, Sleep In The Water, was also given a limited vinyl release, and we recently saw a copy selling for about $750 on eBay. Good News: Phoebe joined Hopium for their huge tune 'Dreamers' a few years back, Sean has a project called Kagu, and you should get to know these two people from the band who have another new project called Two People. We recently added them to radio rotation on triple j.


Jessica Cerro (Unearthed High 2012)

What ever happened to Jess Cerro, the part vocal-acrobat/part pop-machine who we met during Unearthed High in 2012? Maybe you know this one: in 2013, Jess reinvented herself as Montaigne, and has since released a J Award nominated album, and a heap of #hits. She’s fantastic and we love her.


Glass Towers (Unearthed High 2010)

Alstonville Indies Glass Towers were on the path to great things. The 2010 UEH finalists released a triple j Feature Album in 2013’s Halcyon Days, and even came in for a Like A Version after that, covering Lana Del Rey. Afterwards? The band went through some pretty huge lineup changes, replacing most of its members. A new iteration of Glass Towers played American festival South By Southwest in 2014, but they’ve been quiet ever since.


Azura (Unearthed High 2014)

Azura’s breathy ambiance and acerbic lyrics earned her a position as an Unearthed High finalist in 2014, and over the years her newer releases have retained both of those impressive qualities. After cycling through a few different styles, it feels like she’s really settled on her own distinct sound on this year’s ‘Colour Dream’ – we went into detail about that on the Unearthed Podcast a few weeks back.

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Genesis Owusu (Unearthed High 2015)

If you haven’t been keeping track, you’ll be pleased to know that Genesis Owusu remains, in large part, the absolute man. Since Unearthed High wrapped in 2015, he’s kept on his game, uploading buggin’ bouncer ‘Sideways’ to Unearthed last June. It got played heaps on triple j. He’s also played the Laneway Festival as our Unearthed competition winner. Big things still comin’, we rekcon.


Hockey Dad (Unearthed High 2014)

Sport papas Hockey Dad are among the most successful artists ever to come from Unearthed High. We featured their second album, Blend Inn, earlier this year, and they’re a mainstay on the Australian festival circuit. Yewwewwwww.


Tia Gostelow (Unearthed High 2016)

The first ever recipient of Unearthed High’s Indigenous Initiative, Tia Gostelow has spent the past three years, quite frankly, crushing it on every level. Last year’s ‘That’s What You Get’ was a shiny diamond, she’s just off tour with The Rubens, and there’s a new song on the way featuring electronic ledgie LANKS. Hell ye.


More Unearthed High? Soon, sweet child. Unearthed High will be open again this month.