Plumpton High take over triple j Unearthed

Plumpton High take over triple j Unearthed

Greetings. You are joining us for one of the funnest hours of radio of the calendar year. 

This is the part of Unearthed High where we reach out to an Australian High School and get their students to host a special show for us on Unearthed radio. This is the Plumton High Unearthed Takeover, and you are just in time. 

We will skip the natter. Find out about or host school below, cop a playlist of killed Unearthed High tunes from this year, and then enjoy the unmistakably joyous sound of high school students thoroughly enjoying being on the radio for the first time. 


The School: Plumpton High 

The Location: Western Sydney

The Hosts: Vanessa, Tyrah & Wazza

The Playlist: get all the excellent songs from the Plumpton High Unearthed Takeover over here

THE SHOW: dig in below! 



We can't wait to introduce you to your Unearthed High winner for 2016. Be listening to triple j this Thursday to find out who it will be!