PNAU's Favourite Songs On Unearthed

PNAU's Favourite Songs On Unearthed

PNAU are undoubtedly one of the biggest names in Australian music, pioneering electronic sounds for over two decades. They've had a massive career with anthemic songs, sold out shows and enormous festivals around the world.

They're big supporters of the new crop of independant Aussie acts so we got the one and only Nick Littlemore in to triple j Unearthed to handpick some of his favourite songs on Unearthed. You'll hear him talking about all the artist's he's been loving like CLYPSO who PNAU has actually been working with.

"I was lucky enough to see her perform recently, and she is ELECTRIC. We have been making music quietly on the side and hopefully sharing that in the future." 

There are some of monster dance bangers as you might expected but amongst them are some left of center choices you might not see coming. Check out the independent Australian artists on PNAU's radar below.



Oetha - Sista Girl


CLYPSO - Pop Roll Flow


BRUX - I'm Back 


Kuren - Mon Amour (ft. Austen)


Tia Gostelow - Hunger