Presenter Faves - triple j presenters favourite songs on Unearthed this year!

Presenter Faves - triple j presenters favourite songs on Unearthed this year!

If triple j is the place you go to discover new music, then you might consider Unearthed as a bit of an incubator. is where heaps of your favourite Australian artists have been discovered over the years, and championed on the radio by triple j's presenter family. This year, we rounded up the cattle, and got your triple j faves to say some stuff about their top track of 2018. Here's who they picked as their favourites off Unearthed this year:


Andy Garvey

Made In Paris - ‘Reconnect’
Some of the most exquisite techno I’ve heard in a long time. Light on the top, but with a low end that’s about to blow your speakers.


Ben Harvey

Agapanther – ‘Flying High’
Liam kept nagging me to review it, and when I did, phwoar. Best song of the year by far.


Bridget Hustwaite

G Flip – ‘Killing My Time’
This girl has so much nerve. She popped out of nowhere with an incredible debut single, and followed it up with this five-star bop. Fun, catchy, and so crazy to think that it’s only her second song.


Declan Byrne

Triple One – ‘Tarlo’
It just got me straight away. Kinda tough but romantic, fusing RnB and hip-hop. I played it over and over, and it didn’t get old.



Erica Mallett

Dallas Woods – ‘9x Out Of 10’
The way the raps hit, they have such conviction, such feeling. It hit home as soon as I heard it.


Gen Fricker

Sports Bra – ‘Survival’
This song has spoken to me in such a massive way. It’s about holding on to joy and the people you care about in the face of tough times. It’s punchy, it’s uplifting, and it’s one of my favourite songs of this year.


Hau Latukefu

Vida Sunshyne – ‘All Three Eyes’
My goodness. The energy, the conviction. The whole package is tight. Ya dig?


Josh Merriel

Redhook – ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’
It’s the best bit of Limp Bizkit and Halsey all wrapped up in a post-hardcore package.


Karla Ranby

Alice Skye – ‘Friends With Feelings’
The tone of her voice is so calming and serene. It works so well on a weekend, and I’ve loved turning it up this year. Seeing her shine at the NIMAs was a highlight for me in 2018.



Genesis Owusu – ‘Wit Da Team’
It captures a really nice chilled vibe, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.


Lewis Hobba

Kwame – ‘WOW’
I absolutely love this song. Kwame is the most energetic, exuberant, excited guy, and it comes out in his music. I love the switch-up in the vocals that arrives halfway through, and I love his steeze.


Liam Stapleton

Didirri – ‘Formaldehyde;’
He’s a gorgeous man with a gorgeous voice. The horns in the back are haunting.


Linda Marigliano

CLYPSO – ‘Pop Roll Flow’
It’s got this amazing synth bass that comes in about 15 seconds in that just oomphs with the beat. She was saying she wanted to make the bass super seedy and the beats really dicey. The chorus bangs. There’s never a time I don’t want to hear this song.


Lochlan Watt

MUNT – ‘Striges’
The level of savagery these Melbourne deathgrinders are pushing out is wild.


Nkechi Anele

Ruby Gill – ‘Your Mum’
It came as a bit of a surprise to me – she’s an amazing lyricist and her voice really takes you to the depth of emotion. Even though the lyrics are sad, there’s something so invigorating and defiant about this song.


Sally Coleman

Blessed – ‘Superfly’
I have loved hearing Blessed’s music this year. He’s a rapper out of Sydney, and as he’s gone along, I’ve fallen in love with what he’s doing. If you love Kid Cudi or old Kanye, this is for you.


Stacy Gougoulis

Nat Vazer – ‘Keep Away From Parks’
Lo-fi indie with something to say. It jumped out at me immediately, and it’s stuck. She’s one to watch going forwards.


Tim Shiel

DRMNGNOW – ‘Indigenous Land’
It’s a simple message, and one that needs to be heard. When this song hit me for the first time, it landed. I was listening, and I was open.


Veronica Milsom

Samsaruh – ‘Speaking Fire’
It’s got so much attitude and a big singalong vibe. You can strut to it.


Zan Rowe

Sparrows – ‘Over and Out’
It’s got this wonderful way of propelling you forward. You know when you hear a song and you feel like it’s egging you on? It’s one of those songs that builds, and builds, but keeps you.