San Cisco's Australia-wide Unearthed faves

San Cisco's Australia-wide Unearthed faves

Unearthed alum San Cisco have been touring non-stop since the release of last year's Gracetown, playing shows all over the country and the world. On their travels, they happened across a bunch of great Unearthed talent from all over Australia.

Jump into the tour van and go from one coast to the other as San Cisco's Josh & Jordi share 5 acts they're digging from all around this wide brown land.

They picked a few legends from their Perth homeland, Melbourne synth-masters GL and a Sunny Coast tune that is bittersweet and fittingly perfect to drive to.

Listen to the full show and check out their picks below!

GL - Number One


POW! Negro - Racquetball


The Ninjas - Morphine


Mosquito Coast - Call My Name


Morning Harvey - Susanne Monday