Staff Top 10's: 2015

Staff Top 10's: 2015

We could beat the drum over and over about what a huge year it's been for independent Australian music. 20,040 songs were uploaded to this year, and we've listened to every single one, noting down our favourites, reading your reviews, and making playlist after playlist of forward-thinking, damn impressive tunes.  

This week, we each set ourselves the daunting task of taking those 20 thousand songs, and whittling down a top 10. There have been tears. There has been much labouring over playlists. Lists were "finalised" again and again. 

Then, suddenly, there was quiet. Calm. Serenity. We, the triple j Unearthed team, are ready and excited to unveil to you our individual Top 10 tracks from 2015. Check it out below!


Dave Ruby Howe

Music Director - listen to Dave's playlist

Le Pie – Secrets
Boo SeekaDeception Bay
Banff – All Again
Feki – Remember
Fresh Hex – Goddess {Ft. Rosebud Leach}
Jess Kent – Get Down
Mangelwurzel – Fishy Fry
Angry Seas – Fish & Chips
Darcy Baylis – Variations On Memory
Bec Sandridge – In The Fog, In The Flame


Stephanie Carrick 

Executive Producer - listen to Steph's playlist

Life is Better Blonde - Mine
B Wise – Prince Akeem
Feki – Remember
Asdasfr Bawd – ALSP
JAALA – Hard Hold
Spire – Girls
Tired Lion – I Don't Think You Like Me
ESESE - Alive Feat. Hancoq, Baro & Cazeaux OSLO
Fountaineer – Grand Old Flags
Le Pie – Secrets 


Damon Hughes

Music Producer - listen to Damon's Playlist

The Hard Aches – I Get Like This
Self Talk – Fist Fight
Verge Collection – Our Place
Pale Heads - Devotion
Edward Francis - Braver
Eloji – Sometimes
Fortunes – In My Hair
Sampa The Great - Female
Broadway Sounds – Sing It Again
Roland Tings - Pala


Nat Tencic 

Assistant Music Producer - listen to Nat's playlist

Crepes – Cold Summers
Tiny Little Houses – Easy
Sampa the Great - Female
Bad Pony – Michael Moore
Wishes - I Want to be Alone With You
Yeo – Icarus
Woodes x Elkkle – Flash Mob
Dark Fair – Listen Up
Ali E – Track One
Running Touch – What’s Best For You

Lachie Macara

Senior Producer  - listen to Lachie's playlist

Marcus – Trees
Vallis Alps – Young
Verge Collection – Our Place
Yeo – Icarus
Samuel Dobson – Coda
Sampa The Great - Female
Lanks – Hold Me Closer
Good Counsel – Old In The Morning
Majora – Iridescent


Max Quinn

Community Producer - listen to Max's playlist

Jess Kent – Get Down
Alex L'Estrange - Trip Wire
Babaganouj – Hit Song
Zane Francis – Acclimate
Art Pleasley -  Crooked
Clea – Polyester
The Hard Aches - Loser
Gordi – Can We Work It Out?
Bugs – Tinnies
Mount Defiance – Football Is A Contact Sport 


Steph Hughes

Presenter, Amped

Wives - Buried
Sampa The Great – FEMALE
Fortunes – In My Hair
Omar Musa – Dead Centre
Broadway Sounds – Sing It Again
Roland Tings – PALA
Edward Francis – Braver
Leah Senior – The City is a Stream
100% - Castle
Coda Conduct – Paint it Gold


Maggie Collins

Presenter, TOPS

Broadway Sounds – Sing It Again
Sampa The Great – F E M A L E
Edward Francis - Braver
Gordi – Can We Work It Out
Jack Grace – Need You
Chris Lee – I Can’t See You Tonight
Yum Yum – Do You Really?
Huntly – Sunday Sheets
These Guy – Over Before It Began
Uncle Bobby – My Mind Is Already Gone


Declan Byrne

Presenter, TOPS

Head CloudsClothed & Unclothed
Why We RunComfortable Lie
Tiger ChoirShani
Ali BarterHypercolour
Boo SeekaDeception Bay
OK BadlandsCheap Tuesday
Andrei EreminAnhedoniac {Ft. Kucka}
StockleyFishing Trip
Polish ClubDid Somebody Tell Me
Black Summer Dark Times Bright Lights