Staff Top 10's: 2016

Staff Top 10's: 2016

Big year, huh? Nearly 25,000 songs from independent artists across Australia were uploaded to Unearthed in 2016, and we listened to every single one of 'em.

Of those, we played more than 3,400 on Unearthed Digital Radio, for a total of 13,379 spins throughout the year. tl;dr? 2016 has been a massive one for incredible Australian artists and for all of us here at triple j Unearthed. 

Before we can tie a bow around 2016, we've got one last thing to take care of: announcing our Top 10 tracks for 2016.

Below, each member of the Unearthed team lists the 10 songs they loved the most this year, in no particular order. Seven people. 25,000 songs. Here we go:


Dave Ruby Howe  - Music Director

Dave's Playlist

Pool Shop – How Long
Shady Nasty – Upwardsbound
Julia Jacklin – Pool Party
Midas.Gold – Work It Out
Jack Grace – All Lost
Nyxen – Running
OKBadlands – Dust & Gold
Tash Sultana – Notion
Good Boy – Poverty Line
Tia Gostelow – Vague Utopia


Nat Tencic - Assistant Music Producer 

Nat's Playlist

Confidence Man – Boyfriend (Repeat)
Alice Ivy – Almost Here
Safe Sex – Cut You
Seavera – Caving
Alex Lahey – YDTYLPLM
Bec Sandridge – You’re a Fucking Joke
Middle Kids – Edge Of Town
Kat Edwards – Stranger in My Room
Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird – Melbourne Bitter


Lachie Macara - A/Executive Producer 

Lachie's Playlist

Anatole – Here For This (ft. Rosebud Leach)
Fortunes. – Energy
Heaps Good Friends – Perhaps I Killed A Tiny Stunt Double
Julia Jacklin – Pool Party
The Mob – Dhinawan Touch The Stars
The Pretty Littles – Pride
Top Dollar – Making A Chance
Yon Yonson – Berlin
Wedding Ring Bells – You Win, Baby


Steph Hughes - Presenter, Amped

Steph's Playlist

Julia Jacklin – Pool Party
Alex Lahey – Let’s Go Out
nyck – Decision
Spike Fuck – Guts           
Emily Wurramara - Black Smoke
Man Made Mountain - Cachaca
Lazertits – Gender Studies
Tash Sultana – Notion
Fortunes. - Energy


Max Quinn - Community Producer

Max's Playlist

Introvert - Everything Is Different Now
Gretta Ray - Drive
Alex Lahey - YDTYLPM
Pro Vita – Find You (Repeat)
Clea - Dire Consequences
Amy Shark - Adore
nyck - Decision
Middle Kids - Edge Of Town
Slowly Slowly – New York, Paris
ROI - Maths and Engineering


Damon Hughes -  Australian Music Producer

Damon's Playlist

Man Made Mountain - Cachaça (Ka-Sha-Sa) ft. Tom Scott 
Fortunes. - Energy 
Kailo - Come Thru Feat. Kota Banks 
Confidence Man - Boyfriend (Repeat) 
LANKS - Holla 
Gretta Ray - Drive 
Self Talk - Untitled 
RAG N' BONE - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore 
HANNAHBAND - Burn It Down 
Pagan - Luigi Cherubini


Celline Narinli - Content Producer

Celline's Playlist

Yon Yonson – Berlin
Resin Moon – Salt
Lanks – Holla
Confidence Man – Boyfriend
Julia Jacklin – Pool Party
Alexander Biggs – Tidal Wave
Arthur Wimble – It Breaks 
Blessed – Sorrows
Burdiya Mob – Djarliny (Listen)
Genesis Owusu – Goondocks/CBR ZOO II…