Staff Top 10s: 2017

Staff Top 10s: 2017

Below, the extended triple j Unearthed family each pick their 10 favourite songs of 2017. 

To keep it short - It's a total pleasure to be able to do what we do, and we love sharing this incredible Australian music with you.

Hopefully, you love these new discoveries as much as we do. 


Dave Ruby Howe - Unearthed Music Director - hear Dave's playlist

Carmouflage Rose – Late Nights
Confidence Man – Bubblegum
Stella Donnelly – Boys Will Be Boys
Easy Life – I’m Fading Away
Maddy Jane – No Other Way
Ninajirachi – Pure Luck {Ft. Freya Staer}
Ruby Fields – P Plates
Swindail – C’est La Vie {Ft. Innanet James}
These New South Whales – Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya)
Willaris. K – Dour Nights


Tommy Faith - Unearthed Executive Producer - hear Tommy's playlist

Angie McMahon – Slow Mover
Danny Barwick - Flickering
DREGG – Don’t Go Into The Mangroves
Jack Grace – Us
nrthrn – Hope You’re Happier
Georgia Mulligan – Any Given Day
Party Dozen - Straights
Stella Donelly – Boys Will Be Boys
Willaris. K – Dour Nights


Claire Mooney - Australian Music Producer - hear Claire's playlist

Dear Seattle - The Meadows
Kelso - Gotta Go
Kult Kyss - I Am One
Boat Show - Toxic
Arno Faraji - Destiny's
Pist Idiots - Fuck Off
Teddy Elk - Doors
Neko Pink - Black Mountain Drive
Mini Skirt - Dying Majority
Thornhill – Outcast


Celline Narinli - Australian Music Content Producer - hear Celline's playlist

Heaps Good Friends - Olympic Sneakers
MUTO - Wildfire
Alex the Astronaut - Rockstar City
Stella Donnelly - Boys Will Be Boys
Didirri - Jude
Indigenoise - Wildfire
Fight Ibis - Dorothy Deadleg
Genesis Owusu - Mama's Baby (Prod. Biv)
Royal & The Southern Echo - Hunt Your Love Down
Ainsley Farrell - Lady Long Hair


Nat Tencic - triple j Melbourne Producer - hear Nat's playlist

Holiday Party – I’m Still Here
Stella Donnelly – Mechanical Bull
Neil Frances – Back To What I Know
Mookhi – Lacunae
Hachiku – Moon Face
Hatchie – Try
Heaps Good Friends – Let’s Hug Longer
Alex The Astronaut – Not Worth Hiding
Dear Seattle – The Meadows
Neighbourhood Youth – Hugo


Max Quinn - Unearthed Community Producer - hear Max's playlist

Hatchie - Try
Thornhill – Temperer
Mini Skirt – Dying Majority
Kira Puru – Tension
Freya – Nineteen Hours
Slowly Slowly – Aliens
Kelso – Gotta Go
Ruby Fields – P Plates
Midas.Gold - Poppin'
Eilish Gilligan – The Feeling


Steph Hughes - Amped - hear Steph's playlist

Miss Blanks – Freq U
Huntly - Tempelhof
Alex the Astronaut – Not Worth Hiding
Pagan – Imitate Me
Approachable members of your local community – Millennium Queen
Imbi the Girl - Acidic
Arno Faraji – Destiny’s
Mookhi - Lacunae
Angie Mcmahon – Slow Mover
Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers - Creepshow


Declan Byrne - TOPS/Home and Hosed - hear Declan's playlist

Go Get Mum – Phone Keys Wallet
Sunscreen – Voices
Exhibitionist – Hands
DIET. – Clothes Off
Baker Boy – Maryunna
Tia Gostelow – That’s What You Get
Ruby Fields – I Want
Pist Idiots – Fuck Off
Eliza & The Delusionals – Falling Out
Neil Frances – Back To What I Know


Bridget Hustwaite -TOPS/Good Nights - hear Bridget's playlist

Ruby Fields – I Want
Baker Boy – Cloud 9
JANEVA – You and I
Nyxen – Is It Love
Carmoflage Rose – Late Nights
KAIIT – Natural Woman
Darby – Echo Point Motel
Elli Schoen – Gold Mess
Seaside – Sucked In To You


Hayley Crane - Assistant Producer - hear Hayley's playlist

Kult Kyss - Water Baby
Kaiit - Natural Woman
Eilish Gilligan - #LordeRMX
Didirri - Blind You
PLANET - Aching Dream
Stella Donnelly - Boys Will Be Boys
Angie McMahon - Slow Mover
Vincent Sole - New Vibe
Baker Boy – Cloud 9
Exhibitionist - Motionless