Staff Top 10s: 2018

Staff Top 10s: 2018

We listen to around 500 new Australian songs a week here at triple j Unearthed, and it's a total honour to be able share them with you here, on Unearthed Digital Radio, and across our socials. You could probably make the case that right now, independent Australian Music is stronger than it ever has been, and you wouldn't find much argument from our little Australian music family. 

December gives us the opportunity to spotlight our personal favourites from the year that was: the songs that made us dance, made us feel, made us sing along. These are our Staff Top 10s of 2018!


Dave Ruby Howe - Music Director, Unearthed

Angie McMahon - ‘Missing Me’
Triple One - ‘Showoff’
yergurl - ‘I WANT TO SEE U AGAIN’
Coda Conduct - ‘Love For Me’
Hemm - ‘Skin’
Ro - ‘Diary’
Kwame - ‘CLOUDS.’
Conform - ‘Blood Eagle’
Bread Club - ‘Convoluted’
Austen - ‘Too High To Cry’


Claire Mooney - Australian Music Producer

Slowly Slowly - ‘Ten Leaf Clover’
A.Swayze & The Ghosts - ‘Suddenly’
Angie Mcmahon - ‘Missing Me’
Good Doogs - ‘Want That’
Kult Kyss - ‘EKKO’
First Beige - ‘Vivid’
Bones and Jones - ‘Tookems’
murmurmur - ‘Marmalade’
Pinkish Blu - ‘Capricorn’
CLEWS - ‘Museum’


Celline Narinli -Australian Music Content Producer

Verge Collection - ‘Feelin’ Old’
Moaning Lisa - ‘Carrie (I Want A Girl)’
Jack R Reilly - ‘Pursuing Balance’
imbi the girl - ‘swell’
Triple One - ‘Valentine Kid’
The Kid Laroi - ‘Blessings’
Kito - ‘Strawberries’
Neighbours - ‘Bubble’
GALLVS - ‘Red Pill’


Tommy Faith - Executive Producer

Savour The Rations – ‘Thank The Lord’
Annie Hamilton - ‘Fade’
Charlie Collins – ‘Wish You Were Here’
Haircare – ’Blinding Cordoned States’
Crowd Amulet – ‘Good Night’
Ultracrush – ‘Swimming’
Breathe. – ‘Are You All Good?’
Nardean – ‘Nothing Matters’
Tram Cops - ‘LA’
CXLOE -  ‘Show You’


Max Quinn - Social & Digital Producer

Blessed - ‘Superfly’
Asha Jefferies - ‘Everybody Talks’
Eilish Gilligan - ‘S.M.F.Y.’
Dallas Woods - ‘9x Out Of 10’
Kwame - ‘WOW’
Househats - ‘I’ve Been Broken’
G Flip - ‘Killing My Time’
LOSER - ‘Loser’
Ruby Gill - ‘Your Mum’
Sports Bra - ‘Survival’


Nat Tencic - Assistant Music Producer

Candy - ’Thankful’
Sweater Curse - ‘Can't See You Anymore’
Sparrows - ‘Over & Out’
JEFFE - ‘Undecided’
SEASIDE - ‘Golden Girl’
Bloods - ‘Feelings’
Charlie Collins - ‘Mexico’
Luboku - ‘Without You’
Eilish Gilligan - ‘S.M.F.Y.’
TOTTY - ‘Uncomfortable’


Kritty Barker - Presenter/Producer

Savour The Rations - ‘Thank The Lord’
Keelan Mak - ‘Weigh You Down’
yergurl - ‘skateboard’
CXLOE - ‘Show You’
San Mei - ‘Wonder’
IV League - ‘Superstar’
CLYPSO - ‘Pop Roll Flow’
SEASIDE - ‘Golden Girl’
Good Doogs - ‘Want That’