Summer Mix Series: 2018

Summer Mix Series: 2018

Happy Holidays!

if you're in need of an All-Australian soundtrack to ~thos summer ni-ights~, we've got you covered, with exclu mixes from some of our 2017 faves: SYDE, Kritty, and Feels. Cop SYDE's Unearthed mix, Kritty's splice of all things naughty and nice, and Feels' big ol' Party Playlist below:

Unearthed High ledges SŸDE have put together a killer summer mix for triple j Unearthed featuring their current faves plus some sweet remixes in between. Soundtrack your party season with these jams!

Here’s the tracklist for SŸDE's summer mix:

Nyxen - Running
BAYNK - What You Need
SŸDE - Orbit (ft, ASHE)
ZEBARAH - Depths (ft. Animal Feelings)
GoldLink - Dark Skin Women (Cosmo’s Midnight & Swindail Remix)
Aybner - Always
Lorde - Homemade Dynamite (Secret Spade Remix)
BYRNE - Comfort Or You
Palais - Games (ft. Luna May)
SŸDE - Above The Clouds (ft. Olivia Reid)
Young Franco - Close 2 U (ft. JOY.)
Duan - Sunlight (feat. Julia Lostrom)

Regular Unearthed pal Kritty is bringing the Christmas spirit with her Naughty & Nice mix featuring the sweetest angels & baddest of badasses of triple j Unearthed in 2017. Check that list twice & get down to these beauties.

Here's the tracklist for Kritty's Naughty & Nice mix:

Hatchie - Try
MUKI - Friends Don’t Make Out
Baker Boy - Cloud 9 (ft. Kian Brownfield)
Future Jr. - Sentimental Trick
Miss Blanks - Freq U
Fresh Hex - Big Party
Clypso - YOLO
Haiku Hands - Not About You
Donatachi - Take Me (ft. Kady Rain)
Confidence Man - Better Sit Down Boy
MANU CROOK$ - Day Ones
Swick - Slopes (ft. Tkay Maidza)
Arno Faraji - Destiny’s
Heaps Good Friends - Let’s Hug Longer

Electronic-percussion kweens Feels have drummed up a sweet summer mix to soundtrack your party season. Featuring a mix of the boldest, most brill and bangin' tunes off

Here's the tracklist for Feels' summer mix:

Miss Blanks - Clap Clap
Rusè - ZOOM
Mookhi - Lacunae
King IV - Bump
Feels - Emerald
Mallrat - Uninvited
Haiku Hands - Not About You
Feels - Prior Engagement
Lewis CanCut - BODY QUERTY
Arno Faraji - Destiny's