Three new acts that will make you want to move to Adelaide

Three new acts that will make you want to move to Adelaide

It might still be the butt of tired jokes at the comedy festival but when it comes to new music, Adelaide’s having the last laugh.

The Hard Aches, Brokers, Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys, LEO, Timberwolf, SKIES, Hummingbird, Strict Face, Sparkspitter, A Ghost Orchestra, Joy & Sparks... we could rattle off the names of killer new acts until we sound like Darren Lockyer.

triple j Unearthed’s  Lachie Macara spent a weekend discovering new sounds in Adelaide and chatted to three acts sitting on completely different ends of the musical spectrum.



"There’s actually quite a lot of haters. It’s lowkey though… yeah my little brother was like, ‘the flow on this was dope but this part was shit and this part is shit’. But I like that because it lets me know next time what to work on. I want to say if you hate, hate. You let everyone know how shit it is. It worked for Slim Jesus! That n*gga got big off hate. So if you hate the shit, post it up and say you hate the video. Because some n*gga is going to watch it and somebody is going to like it so you do it for me. Your haters are your motivators, bra. The more they hate, the more they will appreciate."

*WARNING: This interview has some strong language*



“A lot of the vocal samples and stuff in my tracks is basically just me going, ‘ahhhh’ into my laptop. Then I chop it up in Ableton and then arrange it until I feel like it sounds good. I’m generally just in my room. I’m not really screaming, as you can hear it’s pretty gentle and soft. My parents don’t really mind. They’re pretty supportive.”



“I mean obviously when we started it was no secret we were kind of taking the piss and just playing shows. But now we’re taking it really seriously. It’s a bit weird saying we’re taking it really seriously because every band is taking it really seriously but we’ve started writing songs that aren’t about Australian fast bowlers or bullshit like that… Hopefully the next couple of singles we release will help shed the stigma of being a bit of a party band to an actual band with really good songs”