A tribute to Kurt Cobain

A tribute to Kurt Cobain

A quick browse through the influences section of the Unearthed website will show just how big an impact Nirvana and Kurt Cobain still have today.

Over the past two decades some of your favourite Australian bands (Silverchair, You am I) have worn the Seattle trio's influence on their sleeve, and it's clear their sound and legacy resonates still with a new wave of local acts coming through triple j Unearthed.

"They were one of the first edgy bands I ever got into," said Papa Vs Pretty's Thomas Rawle. "I remember seeing the video to Heart Shaped Box with the Jesus character and the foetus, and thinking: 'this is AWESOME. I have waited my whole life to see this. They introduced me to punk and rock and anti-culture, and everything. I like the sheer aggression mixed with melodic affection."

This weekend marks 20 years since Cobain's passing and triple j will be paying tribute to one of the greatest songwriters in recent memory with rare archival content, exclusive live recordings and a series of personal testimonials.

On Unearthed you'll hear from five Australian acts that have the felt the effects of Kurt's lasting legacy. Click through below to hear tributes from Ball Park Music, Courtney Barnett, Palms, Sticky Fingers and Postblue.

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