Unearthed High Cheat Notes

Unearthed High Cheat Notes

Wanna be top of the class in 2019? We've made u this cheatsheet! No copying off your neighbour! Pens down! Is that gum?? Etc


1) Timing Is Everything

Literally, we get SO many uploads on the last night of the competition. It's cool, we still listen to everything, but what if you gave everyone some more time to hear your music, and time for us to play it on the radio? Pretty good idea we think. Hustle. 


2) Tick The Box

pleaaaaase. pleaaaasseeee tick the box. We're begging you.


3) Pace yourself! Don't upload it all on the one day.

How many sayings do you know about Slow N Steady and also about Tortoises who smash it against Hares? And how many sayings do you know about how going fast and uploading all of your songs on the same day is good for your health and wellbeing? Exactly.


4) Tell us a bit about yourself

Who are you? What's is your purpose? Why are we here? Seriously tho - tell us what you're about, and tell us what your song's about! It helps us ~tell your story~ when we post about you online and talk about you on the radio. 


5) Help Us Help U

We might need to call you! Please make sure everything is up-to-date. 


6) High Fives Forever

Make as much noise as you can! Getting all your mates to review makes you more visible. 


Unearthed High is open til July 29. All the intel you need is here.