Unearthed High is open for 2017!

Unearthed High is open for 2017!

Unearthed High is back!

Triple j Unearthed is scouring classrooms across the country once again, in search of Australia’s best new High School music act. 

Our winner for 2017 joins a prestigious list of alumni – including Japanese Wallpaper, Asta, Mosquito Coast, Stonefield and last year’s winner, Gretta Ray. We’ve restocked our pencil cases, unlocked our lockers, and we’re excited to head out again in search of this year’s crop of incredible teenage music makers. Except, this year, triple j brekky boys Ben and Liam reckon the contestants look heeeeeaps younger than usual.

The best entries will be played on national radio, and if you're our winner, we'll fly you to triple j to record, remix or master a track. We'll play it on the radio too! You'll also get professional music industry advice, and triple j will come to your school!

We’re bringing back our Indigenous initiative too. As well as being eligible for the major prize, the best Unearthed High entry from an Indigenous artist will also win ongoing mentoring from the Association of Artist Managers (AAM), as well as a songwriting workshop at their school by the APRA AMCOS Songmakers program.

Enrolments are now open!  To enter, upload an original piece of music to triplejunearthed.com, select your school year and tell us which school you attend. To be eligible, all acts must have at least half the band members still in high school. If you already have an artist profile and track(s) uploaded to Unearthed, make sure you go into your artist profile and select your school year and enter your high school to be considered. If you’re Indigenous, please ensure to select the Indigenous option too. 

You can find the full T&Cs for 2017 over on our Unearthed Comps page!