The Unearthed High Report Card: 2017

The Unearthed High Report Card: 2017

It's one final catch up with Isabella Moore!

She's here to give you all the goss around the 5 finalists for Unearthed High 2017. These legends are creamiest of a very creamy crop.

You'll find out who gets dux next week.



Arno Faraji - 'Destiny's' (Shenton College, Perth WA)


Ninajirachi - 'Pure Luck {Ft. Freya Staer}' (Gosford High School, Gosford NSW)

Stevie Jean - 'Hell In Every Religion' (Darwin High School, Darwin NT)


SŸDE - 'Orbit {Ft. Ashe}' (Caulfield Grammar, Melbourne VIC)


Taj Ralph - 'Beat The Keeper' (Mosman High School, Sydney NSW)




Week 1 Tracklist:

Gus Dingwall - Downtown

Figurehead - Suits

SŸDE - Orbit (ft. ASHE)


Arno Faraji - Destiny's (Prod. by Arno Faraji)

Charm of Finches - Hope



Week 2 Tracklist:

Charbel - Courtside
Taj Ralph - Night Catcher
Panda Rosa - Nanaimo
Candy Air - I'm Good
ELK - Tranquility
Isabella Fortuna - Negative Space

Week 3 Tracklist:

Ninajirachi - Pure Luck (ft. Freya Staer)

The Lazy Eyes - Tangerine

Georgia Elizabeth - Gallery

Vincere - Swarm

Grace Aberhart - Famous

AdEN lAWd - sad bonsai

Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers - Creepshow…jean-teasers


Week 4 Tracklist:


Week 5 Tracklist:

Bermuda Bay - Old Style Dreams

Stevie Jean - Hell In Every Religion

Erthlings - You Didn't Know

Green Dick - Circles

Ed Mills - The Repairman

ELK - Affection

HAMLTN - Maybe

Brewer - Another Sound Escapes