The Unearthed High Yearbook: 2018

The Unearthed High Yearbook: 2018

We’re about a week away from you meeting your 2018 Unearthed High winner, which means now is the time for us to celebrate the Class Of 2018!

This is the 2018 Unearthed High Yearbook – featuring some of the best and most colourful voices we heard from during this year’s competition. Below, you’ll find a (kinda gorgeous) recap of all the legends we’ve met this year, plus a bonus list of our 2018 Unearthed High Awards – including the prestigious “Straight Ayyyy Student” award, and the also prestigious “Most Likely To Have Accidentally Started A Cult” award.

Mr Congeniality – Stevan

Massive campaign for the yung king. Impossible to dislike. Beautiful voice, beautiful feelings. Beautiful.

Prom Kweens – Jungle Cuffs

Wouldn’t mind betting they’re currently breaking off pieces of their crown to distribute to various other candidates. Mean girls they aren’t, legends they are.

Straight Ayyyy Student - Boler Mani

Boler gets this award for having the sheer cheekiness to call his song “dam I got a cold”

Most likely to take a gap year in the south of France: Merci, Mercy

Oui Oui, a one way ticket to the Riviera, please.

Honorary DZ Deathray Award: Float Therapy

Get a load of captain crunch, over here! We reckon he’ll be on the road with the DZ’s in no time.

Treasurer of the Australian Lit Society: Vic August

Chillest and Littest teen of 2018. You heard it here first.

Most Likely To Have Accidentally Started A Cult: Spit Chewy

Grunge is their religion, now it’s yours too. Repeat after us: The Leader Is Good, The Leader Is Great. We Surrender Our Will, As Of This Date.

Most Likely To Publish a Bestselling Novel: Ilka

Her vocabulary is second to none, her storytelling ability is sublime. Book it in.

Most likely to co-write with Billie Eilish: ROYCE

Hitmaker in the making. Billie, hi, you're reading this, we know, hello. Hit ya gurl up.

Year 12 Formal Afterparty DJ: TURNR

Party at TURNR’s, and he’s supplying the beats. ‘How I Feel’ is a feat of electro-wizardry.

Huge shoutout to the class of 2018!! Head here to meet our finalists, and check in next week for the winner!