Unearthed HIGHlights: some of the best bits so far

Unearthed HIGHlights: some of the best bits so far

Unearthed High is unquestionably one of the cutest and most jealousy-inducing times of the year here at triple j.

This year, we've had teenage artists sing songs about topics like having a crush on a boy in homeroom (cute) being lonely forever (cute, but also, awww), owning a small duck (very cute), and also putting their immense songwriting skills on display for the country to marvel at. 

We're giving the artists behind some of our favourite songs so far the chance to tell you about the music they've made in their own words. Get to know some of our Unearthed HIGHlights below!



Harmon - Nerve

"This is about hopeless teenage romance. If you listen carefully, you can hear my mum in the background of the mix yelling at me."


Asha Jefferies - Honey, Save Me From My Falsehoods

"This song is about having a lot of built up guilt and frustration and confusion and not knowing what to do with it. I hope you enjoy it."


Charbel - Wings

"My new track is about finding your wings and not letting others affect you. I hope to shed light on mental illness, as well as the importance of us all being one."


Tia Gostelow - State Of Art

"Basically this song is about realising how great you are and that you don’t need no man to be happy"


Sheph - Not Giving A Care

"I'm fourteen years old and in year 9 at Jindabyne State High School. I write music because it is really fun and makes me happy."


The Eskys - Formal

"Our song Formal is about playing by the rules at school, and pushing our boundaries because we're pushed to get work done"


Minorfear - Perfect Alchemy

"When I made my song I was really inspired by my favoutrite album of last year - Grimes' Art Angels - so I took some of the sounds on that album and applied my own little twist and made my own big, fun pop song."


Jasmine Iona - Only Sometimes

"Only Sometimes' is about becoming someone's yesterday, as they begin their tomorrow, and realising some lives are only meant to cross once"


The Common Carrot - The Bike Song

"This song's about buying a bike and trying to ride to visit a friend, but losing a shoe. It's also about the soul-crushing anxiety of the uncertain future." 


Sunset Dreams - Mister Me

"I get my friends Sam and Other Sam to help me when we play this live. I hope you enjot the next few minutes of your life."