Watch 2018's winning NIDA comp clips

Watch 2018's winning NIDA comp clips

A few months back we announced our NIDA comp winners. 8 talented acts on Unearthed who got the opportunity to team up with some of NIDA’s best film students. The result is a reel of amazing music videos to go with their equally as amazing songs. 

They each got their premiere on the silver screen that is RAGE on Saturday morning and now, we've got them on demand, so you know you can watch them whenever you want, as much as you want.

It's quite amazing really, all of these videos came together on a budget of $200 each, in just two days which is just mindblowing when you consider the end results. We love 'em to bits, gonna go watch them again now, come with! 

Captives - I Am Horror


Asha Jefferies - If You Were My Hero


Approachable Members Of Your Local Community - Only Friend


imbi the girl - angel face


Essie Holt - Distant Places 


Go Get Mum - Little Heart


micra - Plastic


Sly Withers - Pleb