What Does Australian Hip Hop Sound Like In 2019?

What Does Australian Hip Hop Sound Like In 2019?

We're living in a pretty special era for homegrown hip-hop. Over the past couple of years there have been waves of new artists repping new sounds, new styles and new messages. Everything from experimental beats, metal infused production and the emotionally lyrical are on the menu for 2019.

This new wave of Australian hip-hop has unearthed exciting new talent like KWAME, Ziggy Ramo and Arno Faraji and we're seeing more and more postcodes appearing on the map, each birthing new sub-cultures with hot new takes. Someone who’s been following these burgeoning scenes closely is Bez Zewdie, our Unearthed intern.

Bez has swan dived into some of the acts representing Aussie hip hop on Unearthed right now - a kind of beginners guide to what the scene is sounding like in 2019. So let this mix she has made for you be a directory, your handy hip-hop guide if you will. Giving the nod to some of the big movements coming up this year, this is only the tip of the iceberg.




Arno Faraji - Scalin'
iiiConic - Whip


Lauren. - Move That (Prod. by thatboykwame)

DRMNGNOW - Ancestors


Ziggy Ramo - Pretty Boy

Honey - IDFWU

KVKA - Back Door Exit - Feat. HVNCOQ (Prod. DUAN)


SwiftBoi - I'm Da Baws
MALi JO$E - Show Love


Vida Sunshyne - All Three Eyes
Daniel Young aka Muph - Ridin' On A Wave (ft. Dyl Thomas)


T$oko -Rudeboi