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Spiderbait, Radiators, Ramones


THE NEW SINGLE DO IT AGAIN IS AVAILABLE FROM ITUNES.1.1.1 DO it AGAIN! In a music scape where songs can be bland, processed & homogenized across all music genres 1.1.1 have produced a Gem of a track “ Do It Again”! The band hailing from Ipswich in Q.L.D, have developed their skill, performance & song crafting a little ways from the bustling throng of major cities. This self-imposed exile has allowed the band to develop a unique sense of “Reality damage! “. It’s like being caught in a time warp, an era where the Music, Lyric, & audience become as One for a brief moment, you could forget about the Day to day & mundane, where body movement was mandatory, all were welcome, Hair was BIG & there was no judgment! 1.1.1 have been doing this for over a decade, with brief train stops to enjoy the essentials of life. They have developed a fanatical following, with the aid of technology the 1.1.1 movement is now being embraced by a new wave of fans around the globe. The message is innocent and Universally recognizable, If life sometimes slaps you down, get up & rise to challenge, just get up & “ Do it again “ with even more gusto and determination to succeed. Oh! And don’t forget to bring a yard glass and a spare pair of undies along the way. Humble beginnings with rehearsals and recording in the bedroom have progressed past the garage, but 1.1.1 thing is sure, that the band will always remain true to their Rock roots.“Do it again “ will be released on the bands own independent label 1.1.1 records & available on iTunes from 8 April, you can also catch the band live at selected shows