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Rock, Pop

Sounds like

At The Drive In, Jeff Buckley

band members

Josh Moriarty - Guitardis/vox. Jonathan Toogood - guitar/vox. Alex Young - drums. Roland{philthy smokes} Jones - bass/vox.

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1QA Biography 1QA are a band originally from Wellington that have ditch-jumped to play and live (and live to play) in Melbourne. The band relocated at the start of 2004 and since then has been playing furiously around Melbourne to extend the following they left behind back home. The 1QA sound is an intimidating yet accessible amalgamation of punk’s energy, metal’s raw nerve feel and indie-rock’s diversionary tactics. Songs can move from a near-croon to an outright scream; the supporting riff circling the air, constantly swelling, growing larger and larger. The band have been likened to such international acts as the Blood Brothers and the Mars Volta but their sound is most definitely their own. In their travels they have played alongside bands such as 67 Special, Betchadupa, Bird Blobs, Batrider, Bad Girls of The Bible, Neon, Goldenhorse, Degrees.K and Fat Freddys Drop. 1QA’s live show is all engrossing, sucking crowds in and spitting them out the other end. After seeing this band you will be left with a burning desire for more. “Their raw power had me gobsmacked…the frantic entertainment factor is so totally off the scale.” James Ridley-Beat Magazine, Melbourne. 1QA’s debut self-titled album was released last year and is available through all good independent music stores in Melbourne and at the Real Groovy stores in New Zealand. The album can also be purchased online through Melbourne distributor The album is an eight and a half song mini album and has been very warmly received. “This album is full of dramatic impact: there is sonic exploration in every track but the compositions are lean, mean and fighting fit. Stripped of any over-indulgence, 1QA are an exciting, original rock band” The Package (2005) “1QA’s debut album is a ripper…The Anarchy is a rip snorting rocker-a behemoth of a song setting the tone for one high octane record. The mood of this album switches constantly between hot and cold a small issue that doesn’t change the fact that 1QA writes a kick-ass song, no matter the pace” NZ Musician Magazine (2005)