Artist info


Hip Hop, Electronic

Sounds like

Missy Elliot, The Herd, Beastie Boys

band members

D.M.P - vocalist, Won Wing - vocalist, Full Rizen Biskit - vocalist, Mr. Blok - Beats/Synth


Fat freddys Drop, Bjork, anti pop consordium


cats1hat... how you like that? phat beats, cheese treats, 3female mc's, Won Wing, Full Riz and DMP spit lines to the phat bass lines, Mr Blok, every time, in time, out of sight. this hip hop mash scrittety scratch bash, is a new school, old school, rappin jewel, this is comic fueled fun, thought provoking, hard hitting we come with a warning sign cos we'll leave ya stunned 2cats1hat play sets that progress, from one level to the next, slammin energetic beats, that step to (step to) intergalactic acoustic harmonies attention seeking theatrical stage antics, passion power and electric, shows ever changing and eclectic. WE'RE FREAKY TO BE HERE!


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

05 Aug 2009

Triple J

Viva la insubordinate babes.

Viva la insubordinate babes.