Artist info


Indie, Rock

band members

Cole Forfang Phan - Vocals, Guitar Kai Giovanni (Oreta) - Keys, Bass Matthew Dark - Drums, Sax

Unearthed artists we like

San Cisco, DZ, The Delta Riggs, METHYL ETHEL, WAAX, The Buoys


First just a duo, best friends Cole Forfang Phan and Kai Giovanni spent their time doing covers of old rock classics. When it came time to write original music, they found that they were missing a piece of their puzzle. It was then when they joined forces with their drummer, Matt Dark.
From then on, 2218 was properly formed and was able to then discover its true sound and true self. As time has gone, we’ve all grown a lot closer to each other, which has only just fuelled our aspirations for music and entertaining people more.
Each of us have gone through different things in our lives, actually everyone ever has gone through different stuff in their life, so we try to capitalise on that. We try to take whatever stuff we or other people have usually got on our minds and we wanna turn it into music. We try to be the outlet people have to celebrate their stuff, to think about, to rock out to it – and we try our best to do it in style.
Music always comes first, because it’s for the people, and people come first too.
We are 2218.

Oh, and by the way, it’s pronounced ‘two two eighteen’. I swear it makes sense…