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Twins duo

Sounds like

the weeknd, Ariana Grande, Duo Lipa, Chase Atlantic

band members

Mia and Chloe Papakalodoukas


the weeknd, Ariana Grande, Duo Lipa, Chase Atlantic

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2ND GLANCE are identical twin singer songwriters from Melbourne Australia. Mia and Chloe have sung together since they could talk, and have developed a tight musical bond that can be heard through the music they write and perform. Mia and Chloe have a fascinating challenge, as being identical twins sees their personalities and outlook on life being far from identical. The girls bring opposites in personalities to their project which make 2ND GLANCE a creative force and an act that is proving to deliver great pop songs and emotive performances. The girls have been prolific in their passion for songwriting and have written and produced some great tracks due for release in 2020. Take a second look at 2ND GLANCE’s new single 'Deep End', followed by their debut music video released on Mon 30 March.