Artist info


Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Jarryd James, Miike Snow, James Blake

band members

Rob Sayers


Bjork, Marvin Gaye, James Blake, Meg Mac, Jack Garratt, Lee Perry Bob Marley, Uncle, New Order



3 Fires is a solo project from Brisbane based producer and vocalist Rob Sayers. Essentially Neo-Soul, 3 Fires draws on many influences across his recordings including Soul, Reggae, Electronica, Down-tempo, Pop and others.

Inspired by artists including Bjork, James Blake, Miike Snow and Meg Mac just to name a few; 3 Fires brings emotionally charged content and lyrics, combined with modern grooves and catchy hooks to create this poignant and soulful union of dark and light.

The self-titled Album '3 Fires' is currently under development and aims for release soon in 2018.

Enjoy :-)