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So, just who are these dudes? The 4ANTOMplayerz are two...or hold on, maybe three...humanoids who are ready to take on world domination. Home state of origin for 4ANTOM is northern Australia somewhere, near the borders of the states of queensland and new south wales. Emerging from conception in a smoke cloud several years ago, these primordial characters pump out sounds that make you wanna have heaps of dirty s3x.... player two hails originally from a little hospital in Mullimbimby nee as far back as the late 80's... when tragic haircuts were high in fashion. Player One has come out from hiding among the sugar cane fields of a northern nsw town, with dubious connections to the Scots and Braveheart (never proven). The Third Player is a bit of an enigma... falling from out of the deep misty canopy of the rainforests of nsw... he is the third creepy character in this musically charged menage au trois, or does this really sound far gone? For therein lies the clues to these three shady grimordial fellas. How the very melding of minds of these three wise men came to happen was at a bush doof inside rainforest up in the misty mountains of Mount Warning in new south wales in some place called the lost world wilderness (it does exist, look it up ya nancy).... Wandering away from the main party this very night, as the heavy beats resounded and echoed around the slithy tothes of the leech-ridden volcanic valley walls untouched by humankind for time immemorial, they ventured behind a tree....sitting in a circle to take another bucket...they quickly became disoriented, losing themselves (and each other) on a walkabout for days...or was it four daze?...anyway..ahm..the point is that they embarked upon a big trip, in more ways than one. Surviving on a diet of fireflies and glow in the dark mushrooms (they do actually exist, ya timothy leary!) they began to feel dizzy, experiencing sensations of being lifted into the air pulsed through their warped brains, embarking upon a journey of enlightenment through the ages of all tribal music....Wherein they saw the apparition of the Fantom (the real "4ANTOM")...who spoke to each of them in no uncertain terms: take the electronic music age from the Ice Age in to the New Age .... .... they were then instructed on how to pen the most ultimate global tribe dance song ever write not just one song....but four songs in one, four times. Hence they were given the name 4ANTOMplayerz - pronounced 'phantom - players', not "four-antom-playerz"...that's for xamers and Motorola smartphone owners....they were told to take the message of the 4ANTOM all around world to be heard by peoples of all races & rhythms. Makes sense? Do you dig? Nah? Yeah, well you're right, It all sounds like a load of psytrance to us too... These guys really came together cos they are broke and need to pay the rent. Therein lies all the clues for now, until such time we work clandestine under the cover of anonymity to conspire this new music revolution which will sweep all corners of the globe. This esoteric diatribe may render the initial question still yet unanswered... who really are these guys? Even the title gives the game away who is backing these race horses.... the clues are all around....look deeper and you may find them. Meh. And if you do, let us know too.... ....Stay Tuned.... Bee-dee-bee-dee-bee Band Interests Soccer, Laser Skirmish, Girlz Influences Timothy Leary, James Brown, Stakker Humanoid, Beck, Dr Dre, The Muppets



08 Dec 2013


sick as beats love it!!!

sick as beats love it!!!