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Electronic, Rock

Sounds like

Does it Offend You, Yeah?, The Mint Chicks, Dukes Of Windsor

band members

Vito Lucarelli-Lead Vox/Guitar/Synth Matt Darveniza-Bass/Backing Vox Simon Findlay-Drums


Datarock, The Mint Chicks, The Presets



Celebrating the 16th Anniversary of the Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Christmas classic of a similar title - 8 Bit Love present their quasi-Christmas carol, 'I'll Be Home(less) For Christmas'.

"On the first day of Christmas my landlord gave to me...
...A letter to get the fuck off his property"

A story first conceived in December of 2012 when frontman, Vito, and his household received an eviction notice in the mail. It's a tale of shock, anger, despair and the concerns of the bonds between housemates when bond is concerned. When the most wonderful time of the year becomes the most blunder-ful, the only way to get through it is with fat riffs, fast beats and barely interpretable lyrics.

8 Bit Love have been kicking around Melbourne for close to 5 years. With 100% cowbell per member, their previous releases include EP Slummer Time (2014), a triple single cassette tape ABC-side (2013), the visually 3D In 3D (2012), and the double A side Rock The Digressors (2011) that was accompanied with a digital gig.

'I'll Be Home(less) For Christmas' is available for free download from Bandcamp via Melbourne independent Hive Minds, and is accompanied by a music video [hyperlink music video] of the trio of "party-rockers".

This is just a little something-something to show they care and wish you a safe and happy holidays.

8BL <3 xo