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Indie, Punk, Rock


Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Atlas, Rich Brian, Joji, Logic, Silverchair, DPR Live, Tame Impala, Led Zepplin, Billie Ellish, Jon Bellion, Slum Sociable, Frank Ocean, NF, Post Malone, Jerhell, Eric Reprid, Kanye West, Khantrast, The Wombats


Picking up a guitar in 2015 due to his undying love for 90's grunge band Nirvana. Aaron dove head first into music and found that it was his favourite medium to express himself. During his years in high-school Aaron kept it a secret that he would write and record songs on his phone, embarrassed and worried about what others might think.

Years later, after graduating, he had accumulated thousands of voice memos on his phone. Both covers and originals that would never see the light of day. After experiencing debilitating anxiety and panic attacks he again took to music to find a way to cope with these feelings. With this he discovered artists like Juice Wrld and Logic. Hearing the way they dealt with these same problems Aaron decided that he had nothing to lose by sharing his music. In December 2019, Aaron released his first single, titled 'I know i'm fine.' A short song about his experiences with anxiety and panic attacks, hoping to provide a light to fellow sufferers. After the release of this single, he started working on more music to release.