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Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Silverchair, Grinspoon, sunkloto

band members

Byron Mortimer - Bass/Vocals. Dyl Mortimer - Drums/Vocals. Dave McLachlan - Guitars


cog, antiskeptic, The Butterfly Effect

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Abeyant are a 3 piece hard rock act that formed in mid 2006 in Eyre Peninsula, hailing from the towns of Port Lincoln and Arno Bay. After moving to Adelaide they recorded their first full length album in early 2007 entitled “Mime to the Blind” at Banjo Frog Studios, with the help of Gavin O’lochlan. This recording covers aspects of rock, metal and acoustic music and was launched not only in Adelaide but also across the Eyre Peninsula with the help of local radio stations and newspapers to promote the events. Since the recording of “Mime to the Blind” Abeyant have gained a solid fan base in Adelaide playing at some popular venues such as; The Gov, HQ, Fowler’s Live, Flinders University Tavern, The Crown and Anchor, The Jetty Bar and Enigma Bar. The High energy and professionalism shown from their live show is not only produced from their love for music and to perform for people, but also from the confidence in their songs. Abeyant have also played at some great festivals with some high class acts. In 2007 they traveled to Whyalla to participate in “Krankfest” that also held a show in Adelaide showcasing some of Adelaide’s finest rock bands. Other festivals include; Scorcherfest, Carclew’s Off the Couch and Off the Tracks. In 2006 and 2008 Abeyant were asked to play at The “Off the Tracks” festivals with bands such as; The Hot Lies, Antiskeptic and Mammal. This festival proved to be a major step forward for the band and a massive opportunity to play with some professional bands. Other Adelaide bands Abeyant have played with include; Testeagles, Amber Calling, Poetikool Justice, Kiss Montana, Amundsens Flag, Enolas Secret, Impartial, Seconds to Fall, Fraud Millionaires, The Ocean Uprising. Abeyant are: Byron Mortimer (bass/vocals), David Mclachlan (Guitars) and Dylan Mortimer (drums/vocals). The last eighteen months of 2007-2008 gave abeyant time to write fresh material with their first official EP being recorded in September 2008. This EP gave display of how much the band has matured since “Mime to the Blind” and also provided people with DVD footage of live tracks and a video clip, all helping to promote Abeyant. This EP was promoted throughout all of Australia with the band organizing and funding their own national tour throughout 2009. Abeyant are deep into the writing process of their lastest production which they have been working on over 2010, and they are eagerly anticipating its release early 2011.