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Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish


Billie Eilish, Tori Kelly, Jessie Reyes, Sabrina Claudio, Ariana Grande


Abi Muir is an engaging young unsigned singer songwriter, brought up in an island culture of music, song and dance and now living and loving life in Far North Queensland. Her stunning pop/RnB vocals have achieved success in singing competitions, invitations to perform at local venues, and won her a Featured and Solo Vocalist spot at Creative Generations, Queensland’s largest youth performing arts show at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, which was televised on Channel 10. Her passion for singing saw her convert her parents garage into her recording studio where she produced her debut single, Heebiejeebies (2019), for which she received radio air play with FNQ Originals. Described by radio presenter Aleta Tulk as ‘a young local singer songwriter who has big things ahead of her’, Abi is currently working on her debut album whilst performing locally.