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Indie, Punk, Rock, Roots

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no one them selves

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Vocals " Black MEGA Doubts " Guitars - "White Negative Doubts " Bass - "Mumble About Doubts" Drums -" Smash Around Abouts "


too many



A bunch of longtime musicians have got together and formed a very exciting new brand of down tuned heavy riff based rock. Its a exciting time for these boys yet to play a gig if they do at all they just enjoy studio hoping or sendinhg new ideas. The Vocalist shall we call him 'Black Mega Doubts " has a very deep overtones and brooding thumping raspy vocal whilst the guitarist of the band " Bad White Negative Doubts " riff has a sinister message inside the riff sounds like its taking the downtune to B open tunings they claim all the way no standard tunings for us whilst the bass player "Mumble About Doubts" and the drummer " Smash Around Abouts " keep a heavy beat and solid groove throughout the track " The Dealer Its loud and its heavy blues indie rock . Looking forward to what they do next