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Metal, Punk, Rock



Sounds like

Reflections, The Contortionist, Silent Planet, Make Them Suffer, Counterparts

band members

Jacob Wilkes - Vocals Zac Adamson - Guitar/Vocals Nicholas Bird - Guitar Isaac Ross - Drums Dylan Mallia - Bass

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Hailing from the south eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia - Above, Below formed with the immediate mindset of setting themselves apart. With a constant focus on innovation and contrast within their progressive metalcore roots, the quintuplet released their debut EP The Sowers Of Discord in early 2017. Incorporating a multifaceted blend of heavy grooves, heavenly clean sections and crushing breakdowns, the group have done well to establish themselves amongst the scene. After releasing a brand new single at the end of 2018 and having shared the stage with acts like Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris, Deez Nuts, Polaris, Justice for the Damned, Void of Vision & more, they're now looking ahead to arrange plans for their sophomore release in 2019.


Review by Mitch Alexander Mitch Alexander

11 Aug 2019

Triple J

So massive the tabs are written using Kepler's equation

So massive the tabs are written using Kepler's equation