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Metal, Punk

Sounds like

Raised Fist, Every Time I Die, Deftones, Converge, Will Haven

band members

Lee Chatterton - Guitar, Kris Hayden - Bass, Josh Cahill - Vocals, Aaron Grey - Drums


Deftones, Raised Fist, Converge, Every Time I Die, Will Haven




A 4 piece Hardcore/Metal band from Bendigo Victoria, formed in 2008 and erupted onto the music scene with a unique take on the broad Hardcore/Metal genre. Street cred mainly hailed from the band being a relentless and entertaining touring machine with gritty riffs, energy and aggressive conviction!

The everywhere and anywhere attitude towards touring, playing shows and showing the world the music that they have crafted has landed the boys some amazing opportunities, note-able supports, festivals, international recording opportunities and even product endorsements. All just for doing what they love is the best part keeping them both humble and motivated.

Spending the majority of their time on the road and working full time jobs the boys have still managed to collaborate and release the Albums "Entities" and "The Warehouse Sessions" featuring singles such as "Bomber", "Remnants", "The Weight Of Existence" and "Waves". Even the stand alone single "From Here". These tracks have topped the charts in Triple J's Unearthed, Bandcamp, ReverbNation and received plenty of airtime on multiple radio stations including On-line, Local, National and International.

Vocals: Josh Cahill
Guitars/Vox: Lee Chatterton
Bass: Chris Hayden
Drums: Aaron Grey

ABREACT have been fortunate enough to support some amazing bands including: The Amity Affliction, Northlane, Mnemic (Europe), Feed Her To The Sharks, Unearthly (South America), King Parrot, Hellions, Texas In July (USA), In Hearts Wake, For All Eternity, Hand of Mercy, Superheist, Frankenbok, Bam Margera - Earth Rocker (USA), CKY (USA) and many more!!

Industry Reviews

"ABREACT show no surrender in this anthem of resistance against the oppressive capitalist society we live in. Mat’s lyrics may be lacking the subtleties heard in ‘Entities’, but the topic is confronting, the music is in your face, so why shouldn’t the lyrics be blunt and to the point? Now there’s one aspect I haven’t mentioned yet, and that’s Lee Chatterton’s riff-flavored icing on the cake, complementing every other aspect with a touch more intensity and holding the package together tightly through the breakdowns and bridges. ABREACT are still the epitome of Australian hardcore in my eyes, and are well set to maintain that position with their new line up" Regan Boyce SF Media.

"ABREACT's 'Entities' is straight up amazing and easily one of the best Australian releases I’ve ever heard, the world needs to hear ABREACT and they need to hear it now. Overall: 9/10" - J Ewings, Australian Musicians Network.

"ABREACT makes a brutal debut, which will develop its qualities especially in concerts" (AK) Legacy Magazine Germany

"On 'Entities' ABREACT combine the old school hardcore attitude with a modern metal sound. What you’re left with after that is something insanely heavy and yet is enjoyable and has mass appeal, a perfect combination. The passion and power behind it just sticks with you" Regan Boyce SF Media

Unearthed in 2013

Groovin The Moo

31 Mar 2013




Congratulations to our 2013 Groovin The Moo winners!

Congratulations to indie-poppers Goldsmith, electronic act SAFIA, tough as hardcore/metal band Abreact, indie rock outfit Cape York, and young MC and vocalist Kadyelle.



Reviewed by Lochlan Watt Lochlan Watt

01 Feb 2013

Triple J

Tough as dudes. Keen to see how this band goes live!

Tough as dudes. Keen to see how this band goes live!


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

16 Oct 2012

Triple J

Out right gold. Viva la Bendigo metal.

Out right gold. Viva la Bendigo metal.