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Electronic, Rock

Sounds like

Plini, The Dear Hunter, Sigur Ros

band members

Scott Kay - Composition Dan Tompkins - Lead Vocals


Devin Townsend, Sigur Ros, The Dear Hunter


Absent Hearts is the coming together of two like-minded musicians; Multi-instrumentalist Scott Kay [Statues/Voyager] from Perth, Western Australia and vocalist Daniel Tompkins [Tesseract] from Nottingham, United Kingdom. Originally Scott's solo project [The K. Project], Absent Hearts was the result of pure chance meeting through the web. With Scott's love of layering instruments, and Dan's emotive and powerful voice, the result is something quite unique; post-rock atmosphere with pop sensibility and structure. Scott's Arctic EP in 2010 was the first release to feature Daniel's voice, and since 2010, they have released their debut album, 'August Earth'.

Since then, Scott has taken the project solo, with new music coming in 2020.


Review by Tommy Faith Tommy Faith

17 Dec 2018

Triple J

I'm an eagle riding on these ocean cliff guitar winds

I'm an eagle riding on these ocean cliff guitar winds