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Shawn Pybus - Lead Vocals Stephen Cusato - Guitar/Vocals Luke Tucker - Lead Guitar Nick Machin - Drums


Sylosis, Rivers of Nihil, Lamb of God, Trivium , The Black Dahlia Murder

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Zeolite, BREAK THROUGH, Ame Noire, Gravemind, Chasing The Void



The Absolution Sequence are a death metal band out of Tasmania, Australia, formed in 2014. An abundance of immense energy and crushing riff work are elements you will have no trouble hearing on their latest single "Built on Spines".

They have supported a wide array of well known heavy acts from Northlane, Psycroptic, Archspire and King Parrot. To Alpha Wolf, Make Them Suffer and Aversions Crown.

Unearthed in 2020

Northlane 4D Regional Tour

08 Dec 2019


The Absolution Sequence

The Absolution Sequence

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