Artist info


Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Quarks, Lamb, Lalipuna

band members

Lindsay Webb - machines, Elle Knox - voices


Berlin, Kraftwerk, The Beat


Electro pop in a savvy blue vein: Actual Russian Brides deliver a sexy, deliberate downtempo vibe driven by the restless lyrics of Lull (Elle Knox) and electronic goodness from media jockey partner Baby Swindle (Lindsay Webb). Born East Berlin winter 2009, Actual Russian Brides are set to go: an appealing two-piece busting to tour and already on the airwaves in two hemispheres. Analogue synths, drum machines, multiple mics and unpredictable instruments: Actual Russian Brides eschew the ubiquitous laptop, providing instead an emotionally and visually evocative live show. Baby Swindle began creating sound installations and beat-based tracks while studying conceptual art at the esteemed Städelschule in Frankfurt. A published and practised poet, vocalist and video artist, Lull once tongue-kissed Kate Winslet in a film by Jane Campion, wearing only black leather and a dog collar. Described by a lovestruck punter as “accurate and spellbinding”, Actual Russian Brides play the voices in your head and the beats in your heart. This fresh collaboration is as mesmerizing live as on their debut recording, Miss Sled. Follow us to: