Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Augie March, Paul Kelly, Ben Howard

band members

Adam Blacksmith, guitars and vocals, Jordan Ellery (Production)


Augie March, Bob Dylan, Gareth Liddiard, Ben Howard, Gary Numan



Adam Blacksmith is a thought provoking songwriter, a wordsmith and a storyteller. His music doesn’t fall neatly into any conventional category, although, he has been described as “Indie”, “Garage”, “Thrash Folk” and “Post-Folk” Musically, he combines, folk, rock and blues and colours them with indie sensibilities. Whilst he happily tips his cap to an eclectic list of influences, notably, Gareth Liddiard, Glen Richards, and Grind-core pioneers, Carcass he maintains integrity by crafting songs beyond comparison. His lyrics are poignant, honest and earnest and beautifully layered with metaphors and imagery.
It is difficult to separate the company he keeps with the music he creates. He has just completed a ten year stretch in Long Bay prison as a special education teacher and continues his work in the prisons teaching songwriting to inmates on a part-time basis.

in 2015 he released his debut album "The Anomy" in addition to his first EP "Get with the Pogrom". 2020, will see the long awaited release of his second full length album "Blind to the Sea"

Brutally honest, Brave and Refreshingly unique.