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Indie, Roots

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Paul Kelly, David Bridie

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Adam Gibson


Paul Kelly , Jack Kerouac, David Bridie



Adam Gibson is a Sydney lyricist and vocalist who has created a body of affecting work over the past decade. With a unique storytelling style, Adam is the voice of acclaimed band The Aerial Maps, whose two albums have been met with wide critical praise, and was a member of underground favourites Modern Giant. Marrying a love for vernacular language and Australian stories with a fine musical palette largely created by his brother Simon Gibson, Adam speaks of and about Australian lives and landscape like few others. Moving onto a new chapter of his musical life, Adam is now poised to release his debut solo album, titled 'Australia Restless'. Whilst exploring similar terrain as the Aerial Maps' albums, this new record (mostly co-written with his brother Simon) is a more personal take on his life and loves. Articulating his vision with a sharp eye for detail and the rawness of true experience, 'Australia Restless' (produced by Simon Holmes) is set to be released later in 2014