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Electronic, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Fleurie, Evanescence, Omnimar


Lisa Gerrard, Sia, Bjork, Fiona Apple, Lamb, Ludovico Einaudi



Aelya combines driving beats, soulful lyrics, and soaring melodies in a warm fusion of the ethereal and darker side of pop. Weaving rich vocals, sweeping strings and a dash of mysticism into tales of the heart, love re-imagined, and self discovery, let Aelya take you on a journey through the dark night of the soul and into the Light that follows.

Aelya is inspired by artists such as Sia, dark Norse folk such as Heilung and Wardruna, Australian songstress Lisa Gerrard, and Tori Amos. Her extensive travels are sewn like threads through her songs. Her obsession with the ocean hangs heavily over each musical creation. Her craving for the liminal and unknown is her muse.

Aelya was born near Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia. As a child in the 90s, she grew up with a love of music, running wild in the suburban jungle. She produced her earliest work at 13, achieving minor airplay on local radio.

Leaving home at 16 lead her to the city of Melbourne, and collaboration with various instrumentalists, forming the dark-pop duo “Ashes of Eve” in the mid 00’s. In 2011, Ellia released a remixed Ashes of Eve track “When I’m Sleeping” as a solo artist under the name “Elva”. Soon after the release, she struggled deeply with anxiety and depression, pushing her out of the public eye and into her notebook. After seven years away from the studio, Aelya returned in 2019, and has been writing and recording ever since.

Her journey toward wholeness took her across the oceans time and time again. Journeying through the long-awaited forests of the USA and Canada, searching for dreams in the South Pacific islands, and the dense city fog of Seoul. Across the Australian dust to the temperate rainforest of Tasmania and the black New Zealand sand.

Aelya now lives in the historic city of Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.

On the 31st of July 2020, Aelya released the first track from her debut EP – the title track “Muse”. Muse is an dark and ethereal imagining of love, yearning, and the passage of time. Lilting piano crashes rhythmically against a deep, percussive boom, highlighted by the sweet flow of Aelya’s vocals.

Aelya’s debut EP consists of five tracks:

Mirror Me
Devil Eyes
The Sweetest Sounds

All recorded in the coastal city of Hervey Bay, Australia, and produced by Sonitus Studio.