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autechre,, Aphex Twin

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Wade Clarke - Everything


autechre, Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter

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Loopsnake, CHAINGANG, Cloudy



Aeriae is Wade Clarke, Sydney-based techno and baroque experimentalist and controllerist. His second LP, 'Victris', is due out on Clan Analogue Recordings later in 2013, and paving the way is current EP 'Nurse 2 Alyssa Type', the title track a dark techno cut of cascading textures taken from the album and backed up by a genre- tripping set of remixes and retakes from Clan Analogue associates. Aeriae has remixed tracks by Catcall, Chaingang, Delta Goodrem, Daisy M. Tulley, Itch-E and Scratch-E and, and in 2012 he covered Severed Heads's 'Snuck' for Clan Analogue's Tribute Album 'Headspace'. Wade's grandfather was an engineer and almost-concert pianist, and Wade grew up playing the piano by ear. Prominent in his childhood repertoire were creaky renditions of 70s and 80s electronic film scores like Escape From New York, Halloween and TRON. These influences are all evident today in Aeriae's aesthetic of novel electronic music informed as much by Warp figureheads like Autechre as by classical music and film scores. Aeriae released his debut album Hold R1 independently in 2007. Tracks Areola and Clique were picks and plays on JJJ's Unearthed and The Sound Lab, and AMay went into rotation on Sydney's FBi FM. The unique animated videoclip for AMay was created with Fantavision, eight-bit software for the Apple II computer, and screened at numerous festivals both locally and abroad, including 2009's Electrofringe and the 2010 Sydney Biennale. Inspired by Moldover's videos on Controllerism, Wade developed a live incarnation of Aeriae in 2008, spending six months coming up with the methodology, software programming and hardware arrangements which would allow the music to be generated and manipulated onstage with physical transparency and scope for improvisation. The first public Aeriae show was at Sydney's Excelsior Hotel in 2009, arranged with the help of venerable Australian electronic music collective Clan Analogue.