Artist info


Roots, Dance

Sounds like

Alpha Blondy, Fela Kuti, Yossou N'Dour

band members

Jali Buba Kuyateh - Kora & Vocals, Nick Aggs - Rhodes Keyboard, Piano, Wurlitzer, Sax & BV's, Oj (Juice) Newcomb - Bass, Moog, Organ & BV's, Shannon Carroll - Guitar, Moog & Vocals, Mark Henman - Drums, Andrew Szumowski - Roland Synth & Organ, Shannon Marshall - Trumpet


Africa, India, life


Renowned as a premier festival band for the past decade, Afro Dizzi Act demonstrate outrageous musicianship and maturity on their third studio album. Recorded Live in a studio in Northern NSW each track blends West African melodies & rhythms, rich world textures & dynamic roots, funk & reggae Afro Dizzi Act are known for. Afro Dizzi Act have performed at international festivals & concerts in Nepal, India, Dubai, as well as major Australian festivals like the Woodford Folk Festival, East Coast Blues & Roots Festival, Big Day Out & Parklife, AWM Expo & Livid. Throughout this time the boys from Brisbane had a dream & goal to study, collaborate & perform with as many different cultures as possible to help enrich their own sound as well as creating a unique global melting pot of influences that could inspire them with their own sonic creations. This dream & passion has led them to perform with legendary artists such as Trilok Gurtu (India), Wala (Ghana, West Africa), Ralph Thomas (France), Cadenza (Nepal) & Chris Berry, Panjea (USA, Africa) It's their latest collaboration with now a permanent member of the group Master Kora (African Harp), Singer & Story teller Jali Buba Kuyateh from Senegal, West Africa, that has solidified Afro Dizzi Act's sound fueling fire to their goals to perform along side respected & loved International artist such as Yossou N'Dour, Baaba Maal, Femi Kuti, Saleif Keita & Alpha Blondy. “It’s really a musical fusion of African roots (Rock M'balax), Afro funk, Roots Reggae and electronic sounds. We can’t wait to take it direct to audiences on the International festival circuit.” Oj Newcomb A potent melting pot of cultural and musical ideology, ‘Peace Love and Unity’ sends a worldwide message that cultural differences need not be a source of conflict but of celebration. Peace, Love & Unity !! “Having travelled to several international jazz festivals in Dubai and Kathmandu, the group are currently preparing for their next jaunt overseas to India. It's no wonder Afro Dizzi Act have been successful in the exportation of their sophisticated jazz grooves - they're easily the most skilled and versatile of their local contemporaries and rarely fall short of expectations.” Lawrence English, Timeoff Magazine