Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Gyroscope, Taking Back Sunday, Butterfly Effect

band members

Ben Griffiths - Vocals, Guitar, Jesse fisher - Vocals, Guitar, Matt Tyler - Bass, Ben Drew - Drums


Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Karnivool


Band members Jesse Fisher and Ben Drew formed bands throughout their high school years, under the names of Alliance and Jairus. However, these bands eventually separated and in April 2005, they were joined by two new band members, Matt Tyler and Ben Griffiths. From diverse backgrounds and influences of music, they started writing together, pushing aside their differences in music taste, and soon finding their own individual sound. With the alternating vocals of Ben G, Jesse and Matt, and two core song-writers (Ben G and Jesse), Afterwake keeps the crowd guessing. Melody has become a huge factor in the creation of their sound with each song creating a totally new atmosphere. The boys make great use of dynamics, with the plucking of clean guitar riffs breaking out into huge, heavy choruses. The crowd can't help but to bang their heads and sing along. The two guitars are complimented perfectly by Matts busy bass lines, along with Beny D's diverse drumming styles. Afterwake have put a neat, finished twist to the often 'rough' edge of the punk/screamo genre. With an original sound, a developed repertoire of songs, and a live performance that demands attention, they have won the hearts and ears of many, and now have a growing fan base stemming from the Illawarra region and beyond. .