Agamas is a four piece alternative band from Melbourne. The band consist of Dino on guitar, Tim on Drums/bass/synt and vocalist Chloe. Chloe's unique story informs a number of the lyrics written in many of Agama's songs. Chloe was conceived via a sperm donor and discovered she had 15 siblings. The band has written a number of songs about the political and cultural struggles of donor conception and the journey she went on to find herself. This led Agamas to create their first music video 'Mistaken Identity' that reflects the experimental process of using a donor. Agamas went on to travel the east coast of Australia sharing their music. Lately Agamas got Featured on channel 7, with an acoustic version of "mistaken Identity". The Band is proud to have completed its first international tour in the philippines playing 8 shows in different cities including , Manila , Cebu, Cdo, Butuan, Surigao and Gingoog.