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Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock, Roots

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elliot smith the drones , Leonard Cohen

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Jake Savins - Agamous Betty Collaborators have included but are not limited to Drew Woolley, Shaun Woof, Mitch Jones, Hudson Moores, Zebulun Ashcroft, Katie Hennesey, Sonya Theys, Scott Simmington, Jasmine Colbrook, James Atles, Brad Wallis, Nika Savins, Conal Savins, Peter Savins.


elliot smith drones cohen art books


Agamous Betty started playing when they were 17 years old by dressing up in drag and playing in rough pubs around Perth and Fremantle. The idea was to upset bigots by playing soft music and then not being afraid of them.
Eventually Betty went on to form Mind Canary which released an EP but then broke up.
Betty lived in Melbourne for 3 years drumming and painting in the art collective Pinko loungeroom Band and performing under 'Agamous betty & the gothic circus', a 5 piece noise machine.
Agamous Betty has unofficially released 9 albums, spanning lo-fi electro, accoustic gold and hip hop. He has aided in the production and expansion of many bands, acting as a musical father figure for many young songwriters and musicians.
Betty has recieved a myriad of acclaim across the globe, they have been likened to Elliott Smith, The Cure, Gareth Liddiard and Arcade fire by international record labels. They have been introduced by the Mayor of Rockingham to perform to a crowd of 2000+.
They have won several songwriting competitions including Pete Renzulos songwriting competition which won them an EP recording which was utilised for Mind Canary.
Betty is also a visual artist, after putting on several art exhibitions, embarking on a film degree and making a short film in Victoria, they have returned to Perth to spend a year recording a full length album intended for genuine release.