Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

tool, pantera, system of a down

band members

Rob Smith - Vocals Adam Barns - Bass / Producer Pete Ross - Guitar


AGE OF MENACE Rock/ Metal Western Sydney Websites Email AGE OF MENACE Since forming in 2010 Age Of Menace have played sell-out shows in their home town of Sydney and been working with producer Adam Barns who has also joined as bass player in late 2012. Their sound is a heavy blend of rock and metal; laden with tempo changes and odd time signatures. Vocals range from intense aggression to heart-felt melodies, combining with huge riff-laden guitars, driving bass lines and powerful drum performances. Its members share little similarities and this clash fuels and drives the music through changes that hit like a punch in the face. The subject material of their songs, as signposted by the artwork which features works by digital artist Scott Black, explores some dark themes, and is influenced by both personal experience and world events.