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Damian Khoury Agnes J Walker


Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Amy Whinehouse, Sam Smith, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Willie Dixon

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Fieu, Bearfoot, Dear Willow, AYLA, Sahara Beck



In an unlikely collaboration between two up and coming songwriters on the Sunshine Coast, Agnes J Walker & Damian K managed to develop a sound that is unique yet familiar. With varying influences and songwriting techniques, the two musicians managed to find a little slice of heaven in the form of their new single “Come Home”.

Damian K travelled to Australia in 2013 from South Africa and straight away began performing as a session musician for local talents such as; Carl Wockner, Sahara Beck, AYLA and Chris Flaskas. Damian is also a member of local band, Bearfoot.
Damian’s is new to the songwriting world, but has shown that he has a natural ability to adapt to other songwriters by creating solid chord structures, tasteful melodies & harmonies to suit any genre or style. Influences of contemporary jazz seem to be the most audible within Damian’s playing style, but after listening to him play you will notice that it in no way restricts his abilities.

Damian explains the new single ‘Come Home’ as being a direct example of his feelings towards a life changing move from South Africa to Australia. “Breath let go” (lyrics from the single) “ symbolise a feeling of being at peace with my decision to move and allows me to see all the amazing opportunities I have opened myself up to, like writing this song! ‘Come Home’ is my way of accepting Australia as my new home, its hopeful, deep and intense which are all feelings that were real to me when moving! The beauty of this song is that, for me it relates to a move, but it can be interpreted in so many ways. ”

The other half of the duo is Agnes J Walker, a blues artist also from the Sunshine Coast. Agnes has been writing and performing music since she was 15 years old, originally the guitarist for bands and duo’s she then branched out as a soloist in 2013. Upon playing an open mic night Agnes stumbled across Damian, and from that moment the two have been jamming together (with Damian playing keys as part of Agnes J Waller & The Cry Babies, Agnes’s full piece band). After approaching Damian in October of 2014, the two sat down and wrote their new single ‘Come Home’.

“We had the ability to be free when songwriting together from the very beginning, and that is sometimes quite difficult! I came to Damian with an idea and some chords, the rest just happened. For me the song was a way to convey the messages of people who don’t have a voice to express themselves, but when they listen to this song I hope that they can feel a sense of hopefulness and relief for the future! Personally, I think this is one of the best songs I have had the pleasure to write, and I am so glad that I got to have that opportunity with Damian, he has some awesome ideas and I hope we can continue writing in the future.”