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Pop, Rock

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The Preatures , The War on Drugs

band members

Aimee Louise Pitcher


Amy Shark, Amy Winehouse, The Strokes

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Everyone’s got a COVID story, but some are life-changing. For Sydney artist, Aimés, what looked like a disaster may have been the best thing that ever happened in the young artist’s fledgling career.

2019 had been busy for Aimés and things were looking up. After years of busking and working the pub and café circuit, she’d finally become the full-time musician she’d been striving for, singing covers most nights and pulling coffees on the side at a café.

Everything changed in January 2020 when she was asked to play a series of gigs in Japan. With her guitarist Dougie, in tow, they reeled off 10 gigs in 12 nights that sparked a new sense of self-belief in her ability to perform professionally on a bigger stage to a diverse group of people.

It was in the taxi on the way to the airport to head home that she had an epiphany. Singing covers had been great to earn her way and build confidence, but it was also something to hide behind.

That search for identity runs through Aimés’ first release, More Than This. As we accompany her on an early-morning wander through the streets of inner-city Sydney, Aimés formidable grasp of language beautifully captures the elusiveness of that pursuit and how it seems to slip away as soon as one tries to reach out for it.

More Than This is a promising first release for an emerging artist with a bright future.